Sunday, May 22, 2011

Post Partum Aliance Presents Mamafest 2011- La Jolla Event Photography

Mamafest was an amazing event!  I had such a wonderful time photographing the vendors & attendees, and of course EATING. The food was amazing and I really love to eat... hopefully that's  not too obvious. :)

Mamafest was presented by Stroller Strides with Pregnancy Awareness Month to benefit the Postpartum Health Alliance. Mamafest was a fabulous event for moms in the San Diego County area. The annual event gives 100% of the proceeds to the Postpartum Health Alliance!   

There were so many wonderful vendors and I am going to post some of my favorite products as well as some photos from the night. ENJOY!

I LOVE this vendor! These tutus are so bright and colorful and just PERFECT for photos!
Check out all of the cute gifts for baby & family on the following webpage!

Yummy, Yummy !!!

Stroller Strides is PERFECT for a mother who wants to get out of the house... 

like me, every day when my baby is screaming. :) 

I LOVE the fact that you can work out with your baby & stroller!!! Check out this awesome website for details!

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