Monday, July 25, 2011

Introducing the AMAAAAAZING Ellis !!!

I have started shooting events with a new assistant named Ellis Lloyd. He not only has the perfect name to say... "Ellis, Ellis, Ellis" but he is the perfect addition to my photo shoot events.

Ellis has amazing photo ideas, fabulous shooting techniques and he is great with a crowd, which is a plus! Ellis will be my second shooter/assistant for Event/Wedding Photography. His only suggestion was that a buy him a coffee each time he comes to work. What a brat! :) LOL!

Thank you Ellis for all of your help with making Raceway to Fashion Runway Event a SUCCESS!

You are very talented which is why I am stealing you. Just kidding.... Or Am I?

Here is a pic:

Photo NOT by Bekah Peace Photography, but hey the sunglasses make him look so cool ! 
Not to mention, he is wearing his seatbelt... safety first Ellis!

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