Tuesday, January 10, 2012

David's Bris- SNEAK PEAK, San Diego Bris Photography

           I had the honor of photographing baby David's Bris. For those of you who are wondering what a Bris is exactly, I have included a definition:
         "A bris is a religious ceremony held on the 8th day of life for male Jewish infants. The key feature of a bris is the circumcision performed on the infant. The ceremony also includes the announcement of the child's Hebrew name and a ritual meal afterwards to conclude the ceremony."
           I am very familiar with a Bris because my son had one when he was 8 days old and I was VERY emotional and hung out in the back yard crying while the party was going on. :) David's mom Jaime, did a much better job of holding it together. :) The Bris was beautiful. The flowers, the food and the ceremony were gorgeous! I have included a few photos for a quick sneak peak, but left some emotional ones out on purpose, so we can just focus on the beautiful decor! Enjoy! 

David is just adorable! Just look at that full head of hair! 
David's newborn photos will be COMING SOON so check back!

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