Monday, January 23, 2012

The Surf Side Cuisine- San Diego Food Photography

One of the many fun perks to my job is that I get to eat a lot of great food! 
Most of my events/weddings are catered, and it's always fun to take a little break from the shooting and EAT!!!

I wanted to share one of my favorite caterers! Recently, I had the honor of photographing my first Bris! I couldn't help but try the food and it was amaaaazing!  I recommend this caterer to anyone having an event/wedding because the decor is beautiful, and the food is sooooo good! Surf Side Cuisine was established in 2000, and today, Surf Side Cuisine has grown from a small catering service to a company that offers "Gourmet Weekly Meal Plans, Private Dinner Parties and FABULOUS catered events!"
Billy Joyce is the owner and a personal chef!
 It makes me hungry every time I stare at these photos!
 Check out some yumminess from Surf Side Cuisine! 

Are you hungry yet? 
Make sure to try Surf Side Cuisine! 

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