Friday, February 17, 2012

Come join Bekah Peace Photography at Mamafest 2012! San Diego Event Photography

I had the honor of photographing Mamafest last year,
and I am very excited to be the Mamafest photographer again this year! 

 There are so many cool resources, products and services to enrich the lives of moms!

SAVE THIS DATE: April 27th!
What is Mamafest, you ask???
Mamafest is an annual event that brings together lots of information and shopping options for moms, and gives 100% of the proceeds to the Postpartum Health Alliance. Mamafest is the ultimate moms night out in San Diego, bringing lively entertainment, education, networking and marketplace to local moms. This is an event in support of Pregnancy Awareness Month and is brought to you by Stroller Strides.
For more information on the Postpartum Health Alliance, visit: Postpartum Health Alliance!
I will be posting more info on Mamafest very soon!
See you there all you pretty mamas!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Valentines Day from Ashton! Carlsbad Family Photographer

Ashton's nanny gave us this cute Valentine's heart and it was perfect to use for Valentine's Day photos! Happy Valentines Day from Ashton-AKA my first baby! I now have one more on the way and it's a girl! I am so excited but also I think I am going to broke from buying out the cute girly stuff! 
Baby #2 is due in August! happy Valentines DAY from Bekah Peace Photography!!! Here's Ashy!

Seriously, how cute are these colorful pants! :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sofia & Family FULL BLOG POST! Old Poway Park Photography, Poway Family Photography

Sofia and her parents had a wonderful time at Old Poway Park! 
Sofia just loved watching the train go by, and her mom Stephanie, brought some fun, colorful balloons to play with! I LOVE using unique props for photo shoots and Stephanie came up with some cute ideas!
Sofia is a doll! I photographed her at 6 months old, and now here she is all grown up (a little over one year old) and walking around! 

I just ADORE the pearls! 
This was a great touch and the pearls go perfectly with Sofia's cute outfits!

 I love the way Sofia's eyes are captured perfectly here. 
She has gorgeous big, brown eyes and a sweet, soft smile. 

Some of my favorite photos are children exploring something new. Love this. :)

Happy Valentines Day from Sofia! 
I LOVE these cute, heart-shaped balloons that Stephanie brought! 
This photo is one of my faves! 

This tutu is just adorable and bright!  I always say the more color, the BETTER! 
The best photos have color that POPS! 
I had to show a photo that showed off Sofia's cute belly too :)! 

I love these sweet mother/daughter moments we captured. 
The bond that Stephanie & Sofia have is very sweet. :)
The photo above is also one of my favorites! 
Stephanie looks gorgeous and Sofia looks so in love with her mommy!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

SNEAK PEAK- Sofia & Family! Poway Family Photography

We had a fabulous time at the park today capturing Sofia and her beautiful family! 
Here are a few photos for a quick Sneak Peak!

I LOVE the pearls!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meet Baby Juliet & her sister Natasha! Escondido Newborn Photography

Baby Juliet is only 12 days old and already so gorgeous! 
Natasha has been so excited to meet her baby sister and the time has finally come! It was so fun capturing some sweet moments with her big sister Natasha! I just love the relationship between sisters and I can't wait to watch these two grow up together! 
Here are some of my favorite pics. These girls are just way too cute. :)

This photo is one of my favorites! I love the bright colors and they both look so beautiful!

It's always great to capture a newborn smile! I LOVE this photo of the sisters cuddling!

I like how Juliet's eyes are open in this one and Natasha looks so excited!

Natasha wanted some photos of herself since she isn't the only baby anymore! She is just ADORABLE!!!