Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meet Baby Juliet & her sister Natasha! Escondido Newborn Photography

Baby Juliet is only 12 days old and already so gorgeous! 
Natasha has been so excited to meet her baby sister and the time has finally come! It was so fun capturing some sweet moments with her big sister Natasha! I just love the relationship between sisters and I can't wait to watch these two grow up together! 
Here are some of my favorite pics. These girls are just way too cute. :)

This photo is one of my favorites! I love the bright colors and they both look so beautiful!

It's always great to capture a newborn smile! I LOVE this photo of the sisters cuddling!

I like how Juliet's eyes are open in this one and Natasha looks so excited!

Natasha wanted some photos of herself since she isn't the only baby anymore! She is just ADORABLE!!!

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