Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sofia & Family FULL BLOG POST! Old Poway Park Photography, Poway Family Photography

Sofia and her parents had a wonderful time at Old Poway Park! 
Sofia just loved watching the train go by, and her mom Stephanie, brought some fun, colorful balloons to play with! I LOVE using unique props for photo shoots and Stephanie came up with some cute ideas!
Sofia is a doll! I photographed her at 6 months old, and now here she is all grown up (a little over one year old) and walking around! 

I just ADORE the pearls! 
This was a great touch and the pearls go perfectly with Sofia's cute outfits!

 I love the way Sofia's eyes are captured perfectly here. 
She has gorgeous big, brown eyes and a sweet, soft smile. 

Some of my favorite photos are children exploring something new. Love this. :)

Happy Valentines Day from Sofia! 
I LOVE these cute, heart-shaped balloons that Stephanie brought! 
This photo is one of my faves! 

This tutu is just adorable and bright!  I always say the more color, the BETTER! 
The best photos have color that POPS! 
I had to show a photo that showed off Sofia's cute belly too :)! 

I love these sweet mother/daughter moments we captured. 
The bond that Stephanie & Sofia have is very sweet. :)
The photo above is also one of my favorites! 
Stephanie looks gorgeous and Sofia looks so in love with her mommy!

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