Friday, March 16, 2012

Ashton at 21 months old! Temecula Child and Family Photography

It has been way too long since I took a photo shoot of my baby boy, who doesn't look at all like a baby anymore! He is growing up waaay to fast, which is why I have another one on the way. :)

Ashton is so much fun! He is pretty much our whole world and I LOVE him more every day. His personality is really starting to show and he is pretty hilarious. I LOVE being a mom, if I didn't mention that before! :) Ok, and now for some photos of Ashton.... I am in LOVEEE with these photos.

That is actually my husband's hat. Ashton loves to wear it and I love him in it!

I took these photos at sunset! My favorite lighting is capturing the sun right as it goes down! 

Here is one with Ashton and his girlfriend Abbie. I absolutely LOVE this photo.
It looks like a dream and the sunset is so pretty in the background.

Ashton is going to be such a fun big brother! I can't wait to have two kids, or three, or four... you get the point. :)

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